Heaven on earth

 photo Picture1pngdanielangelcapecornwall_zpsc9b5aac1.png

You have just entered a page,

About a journey,

To re-discover

Love that’s lost,


Love that’s given,

Bring to Justice

The Corrupted

And the building of a future.

So read my poem’s,

Enjoy my picture’s,

And remember,

Your future’s,

In your hand’s.

Hold on tight,

Never look back,

Never take love for granted

And live your dream

Heaven on Earth
The brightest star,
There’s no point in waiting,
Or looking for more.
Cause I’ve found an Angel,
Who I simply adore.
I’ve been touched by this angel,
Now the one thing I’m sure.
I’ll be loving my Angel,
Now and forever more.
I must show that I love her,
Without no delay.
For I’ll always love her,
Every second of each day.
I promise you Angel,
Your heart i wont break.
To see you unhappy,
Would be more than i could take.
Your skin is like honey,
Your lips taste of wine.
Your long flowing hair,
Is simply divine.
Your heavenly beauty,
Is exquisite and true.
But your inner beauty,
Is the best part of you.
You truly are special ,
Both inside and out.
There’s no one more perfect,
Of that, there’s no doubt.
On my dying breath,
These words i will say,
I loved you my Angel,
Till my dying day

  1. Daniel such wonderful words for a special lady
    Inspiring us all with loving thoughts
    Showing us all how much you really care
    And truly showing love for the one you adore
    Knowing your angel is out there I’m sure
    watching over you
    She knows you still love her and truly do care
    One day you’ll see her with her long flowing hair
    You’ll embrace her with that special magic
    Together for eternity never to part
    Have a wonderful time
    I’ve enjoyed caring for you,
    You’re a very special man
    Who truly does care
    Love Joanne x

    • Daniel Angel from Cape Cornwall said:

      I look forward to seeing everyday
      Thank-you for caring for me
      Helping me and brighten my day,
      The grin that belongs only to you,
      I can’t help but smile,
      There is just something about you
      I’m sure one day someone will make
      You a star, you will shine so brightly
      For the special lady you are
      Even if it’s cloudy you will shine through
      Making their lives better and their wishes come true
      Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

      • Daniel thank you

        for all the beautiful things you have done for me I’m so sorry your poorly I,m glad I can brighten up your day and put a smile on your face lots of love Joanna x

      • Rochi said:

        You’ve managed a first class post

  2. This arlicte went ahead and made my day.

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